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Our Team

The 917 Society is proud to have an amazing team of dedicated individuals to steer the mission of our non profit forward. Our board of directors, advisors, and volunteer staff are committed to making the world a better place through our work.

Executive Board of Directors


Joni Bryan

Founder and Executive Director


Carol Hamby

Executive Secretary

Crow_Norma BW.png

Norma Crow

Executive Board Member


Joni Hargrove

Executive Board Member & Community Advisory/Campaign Board Chair

David Hairston.jpg

David Hairston

Executive Board Member

Advisory Board

Corinthia Elder.png

Corinthia Elder

Community Advisory Board Member


Tommy Vallejos

Community Advisory Board


Cathy Kolb

Education Advisory Board Chair

Volunteer Staff

Martha Leary.png

Martha Leary

Director of Data Management

Juvy Leary.png

Juvy Leary

Data Volunteer

Marie tillman.png

Marie Tillman

Communications Administrator

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