About Us

917 society is a non-profit organization made of inspiring, caring and responsible volunteers who want to pass on to the younger generations the rights and the responsibilities given by the U.S constitution.

Our volunteers celebrate our successes in upcoming events
SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, September 17th is the 917 Society 6th annual Constitution Day Celebration!

What we’ve accomplished so far

As a 501c3 non-profit organization who is actively contributing in raising educated, patriotic U.S citizens of the future, we proudly say that we have made a true difference with our mission.

Your Founders Club membership/renewals and every size donation will help tremendously toward the deadline! Now, more than ever, our work is important for the future of our youth and Country!

More than 693 middle schools in America have trusted us in educating their students about the U.S Constitution.

We have reached 200,000 eighth graders across the United States of America through our educational program in 2020 and we reached our goal of 1.5 million in 14 states for 2021.

Free of charge Constitution camp curriculum for parents and volunteers to provide for all children who want to be part of a community that believes in the values and norms given by the U.S constitution.

Guidestar Platinum transparency award

Thank you to our Tennessee Legislators for your belief in our Mission and leading by example to ensure all our 8th grade students in Tennessee receive their pocket Constitutions each year in all 95 counties. Tennessee is leading the nation by passing "Celebrate Freedom Week" legislation.

Partnering with AMVETS to help distribute Constitutions to schools. We were excited to have presented the 917 Society and our partnership with our Amvets organization at their National Convention on Thursday, August 19th. Thank you to Tennessee Commander, Mark Frederick for setting that up.

Collaborating with community organizations such as the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to support our mission in educating our youth about the U.S Constitution.

We are excited that Oklahoma Legislators helped to distribute in their state in 2021.