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God and Country Campaign

The God and Country Campaign is a combined effort by the First American Bible Project and The 917 Society. To our nonprofit organizations, "God and Country" means the Bible and the Constitution. Already, we have put over 2,500 Bibles and 2 million Constitutions back in schools. As we continue our mission, we are asking for your support.


When the American Revolution began, America stopped trade with Britain, cutting off our supply of Bibles. So, the first printer for the Journals of Congress, Robert Aitken, sought to print the First American Bible in 1782. It became the first English Bible made in America, the first King James Bible made in America, and the first English Bible made for schools. Perhaps most remarkably, it became the only Bible approved by the United States Congress.

The Constitution 

Five years later, in 1787, our Founders framed the Constitution of the United States. Drawing inspiration from the Bible and other sources (such as the Magna Carta), the Constitution emerged as a living document that was unique among the founding documents of the world. Equipping the people to govern themselves by putting the power in their hands, the Constitution also established the rule of law which protects the people from those who want to take away their liberty. Today, it remains the longest-standing national constitution in the world.

"God and Country" in Class

Nowhere is the knowledge above needed more than in our schools. Now, you can put "God and Country" back in the classroom. Please sponsor a Class Pack, which features 1 First American Bible and 30 Pocket Constitutions. For placement, you can choose the school or we can choose the school. Together, we can ensure the future leaders of America learn the lessons of our Founding Fathers. Your support is greatly appreciated.

1 Class Pack

  • 1 Bible

  • 30 Constitutions


3 Class Packs

  • 3 Bibles

  • 90 Constitutions


2 Class Packs

  • 2 Bibles

  • 60 Constitutions


4 Class Packs

  • 4 Bibles

  • 120 Constitutions


5 Class Packs

  • 5 Bibles

  • 150 Constitutions


Choose your Class Pack or Just Make a Donation 

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