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Tommy Vallejos
Community Advisory Board 

Tommy Vallejos is a former two-term Montgomery County Commissioner. During his tenure, he has represented all 95 counties in stopping unfunded mandates, while serving as the President of the Tennessee County Commissioners Association. 

He retired from the Army as a Sergeant First Class, having served as an Infantryman for 21 years. Mr. Vallejos time in service took him to the 7th Inf Div, 2nd Inf Div on the DMZ, Alaska and the Northern Warfare Center, Germany and three years as a Drill Sgt. He also served twice with the 101st Airborne Division of which one was during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. For his actions in Desert Storm, he was awarded a Bronze Star. 

Currently, he serves as the Connection Pastor of the Tabernacle Church in Clarksville, TN. He also is the Chairman of Latinos for Tennessee, the states only Hispanic conservative organization. He also recently was appointed to the TRICOR board by Governor Bill Lee. 

Pastor Tommy also is working with Men of Valor and its Mentorship Program. He is honored to join the 917 Society in its value of our Constitution.


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