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Frequently Asked Questions & Volunteer Resources

QUESTION:  What is the mission of the 917 Society?

ANSWER: The 917 Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the next generation of American citizens by providing free pocket Constitutions and engaging educational resources to 8th graders nationwide, fostering an understanding and appreciation for the U.S. Constitution.

QUESTION:  What’s the first step in becoming a delivery volunteer?

ANSWER: Please fill out the form on the Order Constitutions tab. (It can be accessed by clicking the FAQ Links below. ( deliveryvolunteerorderform). That lets us know your interest and to what area of the country you want to deliver. You can start as small as your child’s school or, if you have the volunteers to do it, as big as a county or more. We allow you to define the size of your commitment by school, city, school district or county.

QUESTION: How do I get the number of the district supervisor?

ANSWER: You can search the internet for district school superintendent [YOUR COUNTY Name] county [Your state] telephone. The results should appear if you scroll down on the page that comes up.

QUESTION:  How much does it cost to mail a box of 400 pocket Constitutions?

ANSWER: It costs us $25 to mail a 28 lb box of 400 pocket Constitutions.

QUESTION:  Do you have information posted to help me approach the schools/ principals/District supervisors?

ANSWER: Yes. To keep up to date, please either download this document or check out our new volunteer Frequently Asked Questions and resources page for updates here. You can also watch a video created by our Director Joni Bryan – Video for volunteers Videos and links can be found at the end of this page.

QUESTION:  Can I get Constitutions for other reasons?

ANSWER: Yes, if we have them, but we are focused on 8th graders as our mission and suggest a donation of $150 per box of 400 to cover the shipping costs for a 28 lb box and the printing of the Constitutions. Just email us your needs for extras when you donate and we’ll send them to you.

QUESTION:  What should I expect after ordering Constitutions?

ANSWER: If you are ordering for more than 2 public or private schools, we will send you a report of the schools we find in that area with the number of 8th graders in those schools and our best guess as to how many Constitutions you will need to give each 8th grader one. We might have questions at this point so please respond in order to make sure your order gets to you on a timely basis. When there are questions unanswered, we put the order on hold until we know what to do.

QUESTION:  Do you box up the Constitutions per school when I order or do I have to split them out?

ANSWER: We mail them to you in boxes of 400 Constitutions. To determine the number of boxes that will be sent, divide the total number needed by 400. Amounts less than 400 usually go in a smaller box. So, yes, you will have to split the boxes up to deliver to schools.

QUESTION:  Can I get a pallet of Constitutions delivered to me and what is the cut off amount to send a pallet.

ANSWER: If you are ordering more than 20 boxes or 8000+ Constitutions, you might qualify for a 1/2 pallet to avoid so many separate boxes arriving at your door. Make sure the location for delivery can accommodate a pallet. A business address might work best, if you can. If the location is other than your original address, please email us the name and email address of the person accepting the delivery so we can confirm their acceptance.

QUESTION: How do I donate to help with the costs of printing and mailing pocket Constitutions

ANSWER: Thank you for thinking of us! Just go to our Donate page at

QUESTION:  What is inside of the 917 Society version of the Constitution?

ANSWER: The pocket Constitutions include the Constitution, the Amendments, The Declaration of Independence and the Oath of Citizenship a new citizen takes. It also includes a page for the teacher to present to the student that is dated and signed by the teacher.

QUESTION:  Why do you assign schools to Volunteers?

ANSWER: We assign schools to avoid duplication of deliveries by a different volunteer or volunteer group in your area and to be able to give you contact information for the schools, school address and approximate number of 8th grade students at the schools so you can better plan your deliveries. No other volunteer will be able to deliver to schools you choose to be assigned to.

QUESTION:  Can I order for someone else?

ANSWER: We request that you ask that person or teacher or principal to fill out our delivery order form for themselves so there is less chance of mistake and to make sure the Constitutions are used. We ship all over the US.

QUESTION:  Is the 917 Society a political organization?

ANSWER: No. We are an educational 501(c)3 charity according to the IRS rules. The 917 Society does not align with any particular party or endorse any candidates.

QUESTION: What if I have a suggestion?

ANSWER: Please email us at

QUESTION:  What does the QR code on the back of the pocket Constitution go to:

ANSWER: The QR code lets you put the e-book Constitution on your phone. It has no advertising or commentary.

QUESTION:  How do I approach the schools to do this?

ANSWER: We suggest calling the principals a week or two before school starts to confirm the number of 8th graders (Our numbers are estimates only so we can basically send you enough for your area.). This also allows you to set up a good time for delivery and get buy-in from the school before delivering them.

QUESTION:  How much does a full box of 400 pocket Constitutions weigh?

ANSWER: The boxes weigh 28 lbs.

QUESTION:  Do you have any paid employees?

ANSWER: No. We are run entirely by volunteers.

Volunteer Resources

FAQ Links

Please fill out the form here:

You can also watch a video for volunteers created by our Director Joni Bryan

Resources to help New Volunteers

Joni Bryan, the Director of 917 Society, explaining how to order and when to order. 

For Volunteers: How to Order

Our focus, how to order, box size, how to approach principals, and the mandate to teach about the Constitution, what’s in the pocket Constitution.   Note: you can order by County, school district or just one school. 

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