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Martha Leary
Volunteer/Director of Data Management

Martha began working with the 917 Society in 2021 as the Director of Data Management. In less than two weeks, she designed a school/contact/volunteer database for the 917 Society by repurposing a database she created.  She looks forward to aiding the group with their data management as they grow and expand to all 50 states. 

Martha worked in the Telecommunications Industry for over 23 years as a global database developer for a Nortel and then an Avaya marketing team with offices worldwide. During her career, she has managed call centers, planned 10 years of business conferences for the Developer Program, created marketing materials and technical training programs for call center staff and coworkers, directed the migration of databases to new designs/structures in two programming languages, negotiated contracts, managed Nortel’s and Avaya’s AvayaLive™ Engage (a virtual meeting site), and developed the website for Nortel’s Developer Program hosting over 3000+ pages created programmatically from her database. 

With a Masters in Community Counseling, but a career utilizing strong technical skills gained over the years, Martha has been fortunate enough over the past 7 years to finally be in the position to devote herself to helping organizations she strongly believes in that help others such as the 917 Society, the USO and Hospice.


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