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Richard And Myra Simons

The 917 Society are excited to have as Founders Club members, Richard and Myra Simons.

Rick and Myra Simons have been 917 members since 2021. They strongly believe in the U.S. Constitution and everything that it stands for and wanted to play a part in getting this vital document into our public schools to teach school-age children it's importance.

Rick has been a commercial airline pilot for 30 years. He is originally from Ft. Worth, TX, but came to TN to earn his flight instruction certificate in Nashville. From his hours of instructing other young men to fly, he gained enough hours to apply for a pilot position with American Eagle Airlines based in Nashville at the time. He is now based out of Chicago O'Hare and has gained much seniority from his many years of service to the airlines.

Beginning in 2009, Myra was the Assistant Director of the workers compensation program out of Baptist Hospital helping to develop a medical provider network in all of Middle TN. That program is now a national network. Then in 2016, she was asked to serve as the TN Grassroots Director for the Ted Cruz for President campaign developing county chairmen in all 95 TN counties.

Beginning in 2017 Myra served as the Grassroots Director for the Mark Green for Congress campaign in the 7th Congressional District of TN. Just this year, she was asked to serve as the Sr. Spokesperson for Congressman Green covering the 19 counties of the 7th district. Beginning in January 2023, the district will cover 14 counties.

Rick and Myra have been married nearly 30 years and have two grown boys who still live in the Murfreesboro area. They are members of the Rutherford County Baptist Church in Smyna, TN. They base their beliefs and way of life in their grounded faith in Christ.

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