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Representative John Ragan

The 917 Society is excited to have as a Founders Club member, Representative John D. Ragan.

Representative Ragan's education includes a BS in Engineering from the USAF Academy and a MS in Aerospace Science from Embry-Riddle University. He completed his Graduate and Professional Studies at the University of Oklahoma, University of Southern California, University of North Carolina, and University of Tennessee.

Representative Ragan has an impressive military service which includes 24 years USAF commissioned fighter Pilot, RF-4, F-111, OV-10, T-38; Federal accident investigator; wartime command; over four thousand jet flying hours; eight years overseas duty in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Representative Ragan's business experience includes Fortune 20 Company Management Team; Business Consultant for Multiple Fortune 500 clients; 4 Professional Certifications; a Commercial Pilot - Multi-engine & Instrument; and Senior Member American Society for Quality.

Representative Ragan served as a Former Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Tennessee as well as Embry-Riddle University. He also served as a former local schools' substitute teacher.

Representative Ragan is married, has one adult child and three grandchildren and is a member of the Grace Baptist Church. He is a former USA Coach for 3 World Championships, a former Youth Sports Team Coach and a former High School Football Official. He belongs to the Air Force Association and the USAFA Association of Graduates. He has also served as a Civil Air Patrol Squadron Commander.

Representative Ragan is a member of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce and the American Legion and a VFW Member and an honorary board member of MCSO Historical Association.

Representative Ragan's political experience includes a six-term State Representative, Chair, House Government Operations Committee, Co-Chair, Joint Government Operations Committee, Joint Commerce, Labor, Transportation and Agriculture Subcommittee, Joint Education, Health and General Welfare Subcommittee, Joint Judiciary and Government Subcommittee, Calendar and Rules Committee, Education Administration Committee, K-12 Subcommittee, Education Instruction Committee and Education Instruction Subcommittee, Joint Veterans' Caucus, Co-Chair, National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Nuclear Working Group and Southern States Energy Board Executive Committee.

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