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Norma Crow

The 917 Society Founders Club is grateful to have Norma Crow as a Founders Club member. 

Norma is currently a Real Estate Investor and Developer. For 20 years she owned and operated the famous Silver Leaf 1815 Country Inn in Lyles, TN. She earned various awards for her recipes and she also trained her English Setters. She formerly owned the McCabe Shopping Center in Sylvan Park where she renovated and recruited select tenants including a #1 Nashville restaurant. 

Norma and her late husband, Johnny V. Crow, were both Tennessee State Senators and she was the first woman appointed to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Commission, where she served as President. 

As a successful business woman and entrepreneur, she understands the importance of our Constitution and is excited to support in The 917 Society and their mission. 

She currently resides in Nashville and owns Marketplace Realty and Choice City Homes, with offices in Germantown.

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