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The Importance of Reading & Understanding the Constitution

The Sarah McAbee Show

Joni Bryan, founder of the 917 Society, shares her journey of starting an organization to promote constitutional education. Inspired by a question from a civil rights activist, Joni realized the lack of knowledge about the Constitution and decided to make a change. She focuses on engaging eighth graders, as it is a critical age for independence and belonging. Joni discusses the federal mandate for Constitution Day in schools and the lack of funding and awareness surrounding it. She shares her experiences working with elected officials and the challenges she faced. Joni's proudest accomplishment is the relationships she has built with donors, volunteers, and board members who share her passion for preserving the Constitution. The conversation with Joni Bryan from the 917 Society focused on the importance of teaching the Constitution to young people and the need for individuals to actively protect and uphold it. The conversation highlighted the erosion of constitutional knowledge in schools and the lack of understanding among the general public. It emphasized the role of the 917 Society in providing free constitutions to eighth-grade students and organizing Constitution Day events. The conversation also touched on the need for individuals to get involved, donate, and volunteer to support the mission of the 917 Society.

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