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Nancy Alcorn

Presidential Founder

The 917 Society welcomes MerciMultiplied represented by Nancy Alcorn as a Presidentail Founders Club member. 

Nancy Alcorn is the Founder & President of Mercy Multiplied, (formerly Mercy Ministries), which was

founded in 1983. Before Mercy, Nancy spent the first five years of her career working in a girls prison

and then three years investigating child abuse cases in Nashville, TN. During the eight years that

Nancy worked for the government, she quickly realized the inadequacy of these programs to offer real transformation in the lives of hurting young women. Nancy knew that only Jesus Christ could bring restoration in the lives of these girls who were so desperately broken. Nancy realized that God was asking her to step out in faith and create a new ministry model free of government funds and

government control.

Since Mercy’s inception in 1983, there are now multiple residential facilities across the United States

and other countries for young women ages 13–32 who are struggling with life-controlling issues and

situations such as unplanned pregnancy, sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, as

well as girls who are suicidal and victims of sex trafficking. The girls come free-of-charge and the

average length of stay is 6–9 months.

In 2015, the ministry officially expanded its reach to help more hurting people outside the walls of its

residential program by establishing Outreach Services in the United States and many other nations.

Nancy and her team developed an eight-week study program called Keys to Freedom to bring deeper levels of healing to men and women of all ages. Over 50,000 copies of Keys to Freedom have been distributed around the world and it has been translated into German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Spanish. Other translations are in process.

In 2020, the organization piloted its first outpatient center in West Monroe, LA. At the Mercy Multiplied Center for Wellness and Counseling, men and women ages 13 and older receive outpatient counseling free-of-charge. Plans are underway to open more of these centers.

Nancy has authored multiple books and has been featured as an international speaker at conferences and churches around the world. To learn more about Nancy and Mercy Multiplied, visit You can also follow Nancy on Instagram and Twitter @nancyalcorn.


Presidential Founder

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