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Jake McCalmon

Congressional Founder

The 917 Society welcomes JakeMcCalmon as a Congressional Founders Club member. 

Jake lives and works in Williamson County with his wife, Rachelle, and their three wonderful daughters. He settled in Williamson County because he knows that it offers a great opportunity to live, work, and raise your family freely. Now, he's running for State Representative to maintain and expand the freedoms and opportunities available to the people of Williamson County and all Tennesseans. 

Jake has more than 10 years of experience in the business world, working in the technology sector as an operations manager. In 2020, Jake combined his entrepreneurial spirit with his desire to help others improve themselves to launch Bulldog Martial Arts, a martial arts studio in Franklin. As a small business owner during the pandemic, Jake experienced firsthand how the heavy hand of government can burden private citizens, and he'll bring that important perspective to state government every day. He is running to represent Williamson County in the State House to make sure Tennessee continues to be conservative, pro-business, and low-tax. 

Jake is a member of the Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin, where his wife works as a preschool teacher. He has three daughters in Williamson County Public Schools.


Congressional Founder

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