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Stephen Skelton

American Bible
Statesman Founder

The 917 Society is excited to have as a Statesman Club member, The American Bible Project represented by Stephen Skelton. 

Stephen is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, established his first publishing company in 1999. At that time, Stephen began publishing Bible studies for churches, which were distributed through LifeWay, Cokesbury, and In addition, he published booklets about the influence of faith on the foundation of our nation.

In 2018, Stephen founded The American Bible Project. Through this non-profit organization, he has brought the First American Bible back into print. This is the only Bible approved by the United States Congress. It is the only Bible recommended to Americans by our government. And, as historians refer to it, it is the "Bible of the American Revolution." Because of the historical importance of the First American Bible, Stephen is putting this Bible back into schools. For more information, please visit Today, Stephen publishes both Bible studies for churches and Bibles for schools. He actively supports the Gideons International and the 917 Society. 

Stephen has been married to his wife Ashlee for 25 years. They have three children and two dogs.

American Bible

Statesman Founder

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