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Aaron Pettigrew

The 917 Society is excited to have as a Founders Club member, Aaron Pettigrew.

Aaron shares his biography:

"I am a career truck driver for over 17 years and twice candidate for the U.S. Senate here in Tennessee. In 1993 I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic at the MEPS in Denver, Colorado. While I didn't get to stay in the Army, medically discharged in basic training, EPTS (existing prior to service,) coming from two veteran families, I knew the gravity of that oath. Admittedly, I didn't understand the Constitution as well as I do today, partly because the government education system was already treating it as a historical footnote.

As I grew to understand Liberty and Rights better, I chose to learn much more about the Constitution, what it means, why it was written and amended. This same desire also sparked an interest in news, politics and what was happening at home and around the world. Then 9/11 happened. Like the majority of people in this republic, those patriotic embers burning inside me instantly became a roaring inferno which has only grown since. The more I learned about the Constitution, the more I also learned that our Federal Government had been intentionally disobeying it at an increasing rate for over a century. Worse than that, the disobedience is clearly the cause for most of the problems in the United States. Therefore, I made it my mission in life to do everything I can to restore Constitutional Government to all levels of government. The most important part of that mission is helping young Americans learn the Constitution and that is why I support the 917 Society."

Aaron also serves as a Volunteer and delivered 8,000 Constitutions to Shelby County for 2021.

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