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Rodgar and Reba McCalmon

We are excited to announce Rodgar and Reba McCalmon as Founding Club Members of The 917 Society.

Rodgar has been working with The 917 Society with his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln for the past several years. The students have enjoyed the videos featuring Lincoln and visits to classrooms. We are currently working on a Bill of Rights video series we hope to film soon featuring President Lincoln. Rodger was the 2020-2021 Founders Cup Winner.

Rodgar and his wife Reba live in Middle Tennessee. Rodgar and Reba served as senior pastors of Living Grace Fellowship Church in Northern California for many years until relocating in Middle Tennessee. Rodgar is also one of four founders of TAKL, a website and App that allows you to get little jobs done on demand.

Rodgar said if you want to know why he supports The 917 Society, you have to look no further than his children and grandchildren. He and Reba are parents, grandparents and great-grandparents and want to make sure our youth are grounded in the principles of our beloved U.S. Constitution.

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