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Dr. Arthur Carpenter

Statesman Founder

The 917 Society Founders Club is to have as a Statesman Founder, Dr. Arthur Carpenter.

"The last time I wrote a bio for the 917 Society I mostly went on about how the American system of government, as embodied in our Constitutional Republic, allowed my family to experience a significant amount of monetary and societal upward mobility. This time I'll attempt the awkward recounting of some of my personal life. A strict chronological order would do for a book, but I doubt it would be read if one were written here. The last book I wrote was a thesis on Quantum Mechanical Scattering Theory. It was mathematical; it was also predictive in a probabilistic sense. It was about deducing the structure of light nuclei and the nature of the forces that bind their protons and neutrons together. This was done by bombarding these light nuclei with electrons and fast spinning protons and seeing where they bounce. Really, some people are interested in that kind of stuff. 

Shortly after having finished the book, I met a stranger in the coffee room of the Nuclear Physics laboratory at Florida State University who was attending a dedication ceremony for the new superconducting "afterburner" on the FSU heavy ion accelerator. He said he was from the Bohr Institute (an institute for theoretical physics in Copenhagen) and that he was working on Chaos Theory. The next hour passed with him telling me about Chaos Theory and me trying to grasp what I could. Later that morning I found out I had been talking with Ben Mottelson, the most recent Nobel Laureate in Nuclear Science, and that I was going to be presenting a particularly complex mathematical aspect of my thesis to him that afternoon. While my major professor was going through the mathematical derivation of the final result, Mottelson seemed more interested in the palm trees outside the window than the projection on the white board. However, when my "boss" got stuck and needed me to take over, since I had work it all out in the first place, Mottelson chimed in with numerous positive comments like "very cleaver," "I would never have thought of that", or "I like the way you did it." My professor would then take over, but every time I went to the board, Mottelson would be extremely complementary. 

This story was often told to my students. I wanted them to know being kind and inattentive to a stranger might well result in him being kind to you in return...even if he was a Nobel prize winner in nuclear physics. Oh, a month later they called me from Los Alamos national labs (where we built the first A-bomb in WWII) and asked me if I would come out and interview for one of three designer positions they had open. They told me I was the top person in the country they wanted to hire so I flew out to New Mexico. The job was mine for the taking, but who wants to raise a family in a high desert? After that, the Iranians started asking me to conferences in Tehran.

My BS in Mechanical Engineering was from Illinois, while at the University of Florida I qualified for both a masters in Mechanical Engineering and Education, and my PhD in Physics was from Florida State. I started for Florida In the Florida/Florida State game one I played soccer in Illinois (one match was an international), Jamaica (where I took my first teaching job in the slums of Kingston after grad school at Florida), Northwest Ontario lake country (where I spent some part of 50 summers by the time I was 53), and Tennessee where I also coached youth soccer. 

In Tallahassee I became a FIFA referee and worked all the middle and high school games played there over a six-year period. While in Tennessee, the majority of my teaching was for my University at Fort Campbell, Ky where I worked with young men and women who had joined the military and helped keep our country free. Many had returned from war with physical and mental injuries but sought a better life for themselves and their families through education. 

Between 2012 and 2016, I helped two other guys run the largest internet tea party group in America. We would review articles submitted to us daily, pick the ones we thought best to send to membership, which we did via e-mail, and moderate the discussions to insure the utmost propriety. Every morning without fail for over three years I sent over 50,000 e-mails to membership by 5 am so the people on the east coast would have something to read by the time they left for work. Mine went out as  "From: Dr Arthur W Carpenter" to represent the people we served in the best light possible in hopes of countering the despicable press narrative. In early June of 2016 we awoke to find out we were "disappeared" along with our archival history. We had already been classified as a "hate" group by the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, what a sick joke! 

I live on a farm in a house that started as an 1830's log cabin (my living room); I've heated it for years only with wood I cut and split and hauled myself. I garden in the bottom, freeze food grown there, and for the last 13 years have had the help of my best friend, Martha. 

At the end of my two marriages, I got custody of four children. When my mother became unable to live alone, I brought her to the farm to live with me and my youngest son. She passed a few years ago at 98, but we were trying for 108. The entire time I've lived here we have been working on the house: moving, replacing, and adding doors and windows, insulating hollow walls, raising the roof from knee walls, re-plumbing and rewiring, adding and remodeling bathrooms, enclosing an open porch with 40 feet of glass, replacing a small kitchen with an 800+ sq ft glass kitchen with a three flue central stone chimney (fireplace, wood heat stove, and wood cook stove.) 

Since I do some or most of all tasks by myself, it gives me extra funds to donate to people and causes in whom or in which I believe. The 917 Society is one of those causes. The United States government is propagandizing the people, an action which was illegal just a few short years ago. That changed in 2008 if my memory is correct. American children need to hear about the freedoms and liberty bestowed upon us by our creator and our constitutional republican form of government. Our elected officials need to be held to the constitutional principles they have sworn to uphold. The people need to know and respect our Constitution."


Statesman Founder

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