The heart of the 917 society is definitely our team, made of our hardworking board members, our passionate and creative production team and our experienced and always present advisory board. All diverse in our views, yet our common bond is the Constitution. Through the responsibilities and rights given by the U.S Constitution, we want to educate and allow young people to better understand how they fit into the world around them. We are focused on bringing to our youth the sense of honor and patriotism that should be ingrained in every American citizen. After all, that’s what makes us all uniquely American!

Executive Board of Directors

For information about joining The 917 Society or to become a Founders Club Member you may contact

Advisory Board

Joni Bryan

Executive Director 256-668-5590

Carol Hamby

Executive Secretary 270-519-4533

Joni Hargrove

Community Advisory Board Chair 931-721-7514

Ginger Terry

Community Advisory Board 731-614-4433

David Winters

Community Advisory Board 931-216-7205

Corinthia Elder

Community Advisory Board 931-624-0898

Tommy Vallejos

Community Advisory Board 931-980-5313

Cathy Kolb

Education Advisory Board Chair 931-801-6954