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THE 917 SOCIETY CONNECTS OUR COUNTRY TO ITS CONSTITUTION NASHVILLE, TN: The 917 Society is excited to announce its 2022 expansion into all 50 states thanks to its partnerships with community organizations notably including American Veterans (“AMVETS”), a non partisan volunteer-led society formed by United States World War II veterans. The 917 Society is a 501(c)3 organization advocating for enhanced education across the United States and fulfilling its mission: to annually honor and celebrate Constitution Day on September 17th. By virtue of Federal mandate 108-447, the 917 Society supports 8th-grade classrooms in communities within each of the fifty States. As part of its dedicated service, the 917 Society provides individual pocket sized copies of the United States Constitution to students and teachers alike, along with other free educational materials. In this way, the 917 Society provides the resources necessary to educate America’s youth and equip its future leaders for certain success. Thanks to its donors and partner organizations, the 917 Society is achieving a national dream of building a foundational understanding of the core Constitutional values common to each of fifty states. The 917 Society serves public, private, and home-schooled students, and encourages all 8th-grade educators and related staff to email the 917 Society to place free orders of the student materials and resources it offers. Visit our website to volunteer for local service opportunities in your community: WWW.917SOCIETY.ORG (Click Press Release Link for Press Kit)
917 Society Earns the 2022 Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar/Candid
The 917 Society has just been awarded the prestigious Platinum Seal of Transparency for 2022 from Guidestar/Candid. This is the fourth year for The 917 Society to earn this designation from one of the top organizations that recognize non-profits. Guidestar and Cadid have merged and we will be displaying the Seal on our website and in our newsletter. The Platinum Seal of Transparency is the highest Seal given by Guidestar/Candid and we look forward to displaying it proudly so that donors can give knowing that we have met the highest standards for organizations in the non-profit world.
The story of Dr. Ming Wang and his journey from growing up in Communist China to living the American Dream!
Nearly half of the youth in America today are enamored by socialism, and they don’t like to be TOLD what to do and what not to do! By seeing this film “Sight” and being able to actually FEEL and RELATE to the suffering and pain of the boy, teenager and young man in the film, they have a chance to be impacted and CHANGED.
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Thank you Mike Ford for reaching out to us and helping share our mission to educate our youth about our Constitution.