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Our Mission

The United States Constitution is the bedrock upon which our nation was built, and it sets us apart from every other nation on earth. And yet our children are often not educated on these important principles! The 917 Society aims to combat this growing problem by reviving Constitution Day throughout the nation.

The 917 Society is a group of nonpartisan volunteers dedicated to preserving our Constitution and fostering a love for our country among our youth.  We work with 8th-grade classes nationwide, providing classroom materials and personal copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to each student as they celebrate Constitution Day (917). Students are further engaged through essay contests on their love for America and other lasting activities.  We hope these young children will carry their copy of the Constitution close and use it as a guidebook to good citizenship.

The 917 Society began as a grassroots organization that relied solely on volunteers and private funding. Last year, the 917 Society reached over a million students.  Our goal to expand our impact to all 8th-grade students can be realized with the help of people like you! Please help us preserve democracy and join us in the fight for the future.

Our ongoing mission is to promote a greater understanding of the United States Constitution among the next generation of citizens. We focus our efforts on 8th grade students, providing them with the knowledge and appreciation of our nation’s founding document. Through educational activities, we strive to ensure that our nation’s young citizens are imbued with the values and norms set forth by the United States Constitution. Our aim is to foster an understanding of the principles of democracy and the importance of civic responsibility among the next generation.

Mission 2023


Thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, The 917 Society successfully reached 1.3 million 8th graders across all 50 states in 2022. 

This year The 917 Society is on a mission to reach all 6 million 8th grade students in the United States on Constitution Day, 2023!  This includes students from public, private, and homeschool backgrounds in all 50 states.

2023 will be an exciting year.  Join the excitement and become a part of this vital mission. Thank you for your support.


Our goal is to provide every 8th grader in the United States with a lasting, durable pocket version of the U.S. Constitution to carry with them as they grow in their citizenship. Each Constitution has the oath of citizenship included on the last page that teachers can use in class if they choose to create a moment to imprint on the hearts and minds of our youth their voice is important and they belong to America.


The 917 Society is producing short films on the importance of the U.S. Constitution to every citizen’s value and rights. The first film is narrated by Nick Clooney and made available to educators to show in their classroom the week of September 17th, in honor of Constitution Day. Films and Videos will be produced all year and added to the website to encourage students to learn more about our Constitution.


The 917 Society is a website that offers educational and curriculum support to teachers and provides social media integration for students to interact with each other for a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution. A resource page is available to educators and students with free lesson plans, games and educational material. We plan to add a student page and 917 Society curriculum for students.


Research shows that more 8th graders interface with information through apps than through any other medium. The 917 Society plans to leverage this by creating an app that will allow students to learn more about the U.S. Constitution and its pivotal affect on their lives for the 2023 school year.

The United States Constitution is the foundation of our nation, a document that has stood the test of time and enshrined our liberties as citizens. But how many of us truly understand what it means to be a citizen, and what rights we are afforded by this extraordinary document?


This is where the 917 Society comes in. As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to empowering young people to learn about their constitutional rights, to celebrate their citizenship, and to embrace the freedoms that make America so special.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to providing every 8th grader in America with a durable pocket Constitution, free of charge, in honor of Constitution Day on September 17th. By placing this powerful document in the hands of our youth, we hope to inspire them to understand and appreciate the vital role that the Constitution plays in our daily lives. And we can’t do it without your help.

We rely on the generosity of concerned citizens like you to fund our programs and ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Whether you choose to donate or volunteer your time, we invite you to join us in this important mission. Together, we can make a difference, one classroom at a time, and inspire the next generation of American citizens to embrace their role in shaping the future of our great nation.

Our Mision
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