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Now is the time for all of us, as proud citizens of this great nation, to ask ourselves: "What can we do for our country?" We must ensure that the values and principles we hold so dearly are preserved for generations to come. The United States Constitution is the bedrock upon which our nation was built, and it sets us apart from every other nation on earth. Let us be inspired to take action and protect the very foundation of our democracy, so that it may continue to shine as a beacon of hope and freedom for all.

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Congress passed a provision in 2004 that "Every school and college that receives federal money must teach about the Constitution on Sept. 17, the day the document was adopted in 1787."

However, too many schools have ignored this law and left our children uneducated to the power of their God-given rights.

We must ensure our children learn the value in and the contents of the founding principles of our nation's most sacred document:

The Constitution.

Be A Keeper Of Our Republic


The 917 Society provides pocket constitutions free of charge to middle school classrooms across the country. Help us pass our Founding Principles on to the next generation!

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The 917 Society Constitution Program to honor and celebrate Constitution Day is now available in all 50 states in 2022. We have reached out to over 27,000 Middle School Principals to let them know about our free program for their students that is provided by our generous donors.

The response has been overwhelming and so exciting to know that our Founding Principles will be honored and celebrated in our 8th grade classroom by over 1 million students across America.


"It is such a wonderful thing to nurture an interest in and love for our Constitution. Giving young people their own copy and encouraging them to read it regularly is a worthy mission."


Timely, meaningful, thought provoking. Thank you, Joni, for this generous gift to the next generation. I admire your commitment.


Great leadership and great passion from leadership as well. great cause too!

Allen D. Kee

Stryker Warren

Lydia Hubbell


What an amazing and powerful site that brings the constitution to life by putting in the hands of our future. (CHILDREN!) We are a Nation that should be proud of what our founding Fathers and God gave us. I am proud when I see our young children reading the Constitution. This is a site that educates not only our children, but all who take time to see its path. It is not political but rather historical and educating.

Rodgar McCalmon

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