Dr. Manny Sethi is an orthopedic trauma surgeon and Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the director of Vanderbilt Orthopedic Center for Health Policy. He and his wife Maya are the founders of Healthy Tennessee, a nonprofit organization designed to promote preventative health care across the state. This organization has cared for thousands of patients in almost every county in Tennessee. The son of two legal immigrants, he was raised in Coffee County, going on to receive his undergraduate degree from Brown University. After college, as a Fulbright Scholar he worked in Tunisia with children suffering from muscular dystrophy. He then went on to receive his medical degree from Harvard Medical School, where he also completed his orthopedic residency. Dr. Manny returned home to Tennessee to impact change in healthcare and education. He is the author of The American Dream in Tennessee: Stories of Faith, Struggle, and Survival, a book about the power of faith, family, and community in the treatment of near-life-ending trauma. He is a Republican candidate for Tennessee’s open U.S. Senate seat in 2020. He is married to Maya Sethi, and together they have two children.