The 917 Society welcomes to the Presidential Founders Club Church International.  Led by Prophet Robin D. Bullock and Pastor Robin R. Bullock, Church International is located in Warrior, Alabama, which is near Birmingham.

Prophet Robin led the prayer and Pastor Robin sang the National Anthem at our spring event at Mar-a-lago in April, 2021. They are excited to support our mission to educate our youth about the Constitution and are providing our program to all of Jefferson and Blount Counties in Alabama for their 8th grade students for Constitution Day, September 17th, as well as Bibles from The American Bible Project for each middle school. This will reach 77 middle schools and over 16,000 students.

The 917 Society has been invited to Church International to share with their church members about our mission. Church International has a large outreach program and has actively supported over 30 other ministries and programs this past year.