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Representative Jerome Moon

The 917 Society Board welcomes returning Founders Club member, State Representative Jerome Moon.
Representative Moon was elected to District 8, a portion of Blount County. He is a former newspaper publisher, US Navy Vietnam Veteran and served as Chair of the Blount County Commission for seven years before coming to the State House of Representatives in 2017. Moon was elected to the 111th General Assembly in November 2018.

Representative Moon is active in the AmVets Post 22 and we appreciate Representative Moon for working with AmVets and connecting The 917 Society to partner on the Constitution Day Project.

For the past several years, AmVets TN has distributed Constitutions to 8th graders in TN with 40,000 distributed this past Constitution Day. Several Am Vets posts conducted programs at the schools during the Celebrate Freedom Week activities and their stories have been inspirational and made a positive impact on our youth. Because of the success of the program with the Tennessee AmVets under the Command of Mark Frederick, the National AmVets Foundation will be working with us again to reach the 40 states they have AmVets Posts.

We appreciate Representative Moon leading by example and upholding our Constitution, as is his oath of office.

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