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Representative William Lamberth

The 917 Society Boards, Founders Club President, Dr. Ming Wang and Vice-President Lee Beaman welcome returning member, Representative William Lamberth, to The 917 Society Founders Club.

After graduating from Portland High School, William obtained his Bachelor degree from the University of Tennessee. He then decided to pursue a law degree in order to have the tools needed to spend his life protecting and fighting for a better Tennessee. Since graduating with a Juris Doctor in 2004 from the College of William and Mary, he has devoted his career in law to ensuring that justice is served in a firm, but fair way. Through his work as an Assistant District Attorney and now in private practice, he has endeavored to help develop a safer and stronger community for us all.

In 2012, William was elected State Representative. He believes in low taxes, small government, and traditional family values. William also believes that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the money you earn through your hard work belongs in your pocket and nowhere else. Government intervention in our daily lives should be as minor as possible. These values are at the core of his beliefs.
According to William, a community is not simply a group of people who live near each other; a community is a family. His dedication to the people of his district as State Representative stems directly from this idea and is the reason he works every single day to ensure his community has a conservative voice in the state legislature. William has been a strong advocate for creating an environment in our state where businesses continue to grow and thrive, a steadfast defender of the unborn, and a resolute protector of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. In addition, he has championed legislation to impose stricter penalties for those who commit the most heinous of crimes, while at the same time fully supporting the broad utilization of rehabilitation programs for those who sincerely seek to reform their lives by rejoining society in a positive way.

As a fifth generation Sumner County resident, his roots run deep into the soil of his community and today he is prouder than ever to call his district and the great state of Tennessee home. William is married with two children and lives in Portland, Tennessee. He has been very active in leadership in his community and has received the following awards: MADD TN Legislator of the Year 2019, NFIB Guardian of Small Business 2019, Legislative Hero 2019 Bridges for Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Rod Bragg Recovery Award � TARCP 2018.

William currently serves as the House Majority Leader and takes his oath of office to uphold our Constitution seriously and is excited to support The 917 Society as a Founders Club Member and help pass our Constitution and founding principles on to the next generation.

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