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Curtis Carney

The 917 Society Board welcomes back to the Founders Club, Curtis Carney.

Curtis's story begins of being a fighter. Curtis grew up in Robertson County and was raised by a struggling single mother of 4 children. There were 3 boys and 1 girl, with Curtis being the oldest. After high school, Curtis joined the United States Air Force stationed in Dover, Delaware. After his enlistment, he returned home to become a police officer and transitioned into the Tennessee Air National Guard. He excelled through the ranks in both careers until they were abruptly ended after his tour in Afghanistan, where he suffered a back injury resulting in rods placed in his back.

Curtis started a business in Nashville and has fought against government overreach and abuses of power. In the beginning of 2021, Curtis decided to take his fight to another level and run for the Governor of Tennessee. He is taking his life of struggle and unwillingness to give up serving the people of Tennessee and give the people their voice and their freedom. He has stood alone and in crowds of thousands. He took an oath to protect the Constitution in 2003 and still lives by it today.

Curtis feels he could not have done this alone. His high school sweetheart Shana took this journey, sticking right by his side. After they both graduated in 2003, Curtis asked Shana to marry him while in training for the Air Force. Shana said yes and has been by his side through the struggles and successes ever since. They have two boys, Laiken and Wyatt, both raised as patriotic Constitution supporters, just as their parents.

Curtis is excited to have the opportunity to support Constitution Education and to honor and celebrate Constitution Day in our schools. He also serves as a Volunteer for The 917 Society.

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